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Have your cosmetic permanent makeup performed by a licensed professional.

Brow Microblading and Permanent Makeup for Lips

Permanent Makeup Expert, Louisa Graves can help define, reshape and restore the look thin, sparse, over tweezed or non-existent brows with microblading, a permanent makeup technique.  Louisa collaborates with each individual client to create a complimentary brow shape as well as customizes the perfect brow color to suit your skin tone, hair color and facial features.

Louisa also does permanent makeup for those who desire more even, fuller, more shapely lips.

Wake up to perfectly natural-looking brows and more defined, full lips every day! See testimonials here.

Remarkably, Louisa’s prices are extremely affordable. “It’s my mission to help all women (no matter what their budget) to look and feel their best. Louisa’s prices range from usually $499 up to $699 for brows, $150 for microblading touch ups, $799 – $999 for lips and $350 for touch ups. To get a quote, simply text a photo of your bare brows or lips and name to 1-310-990-2704

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We also do amazing lips. Our permanent makeup technique adds more fullness to thinning lips, helps even the shape of lips or redefines and enlarge the lips so they look fuller and more youthful. We offer a variety of healthy lip colors from fleshy/berry and pinks to red pigments.


Visit my Photo Gallery to view Before and After Shots of Brows and Lips.

About Me, Louisa


* I am a registered body art practitioner  and certified Permanent Makeup Artist.

* I hold certifications in Advanced Correction & Camouflage as well as Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Makeup including microblading (aka microstroke, featherstroke or 3D stroke) techniques and permanent makeup for lips. Read more about these two techniques below.

* I hold a Public Health Certificate of Registration, and a certificate for proper handling and disposal of Blood Borne Pathogens. I follow all OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) guidelines, according to The Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

* For your safety, I use only sterilized equipment, disposable needles, and premium grade USA-made pigments that are both hypo-allergenic and FDA-Approved.

* For microblading, I use a specialized hand tool and premium grade microblades for a superior microblading result that offers real-looking hair strokes for more real and modern-looking brows. Microblading is without a doubt, the most authentic and natural method of achieving natural-looking brows.

* For lips, I use a state-of-the art rotary machine which is gentle, quiet and offers pre-sterilized parts and disposable needles. The rotary machine is best for achieving fuller, redefined lips.

Both techniques are available in the greater Los Angeles area.

Text a photo of your brows or lips to Louisa at 310-990-2704 to schedule an appointment. Include your name too. Thanks.

NOTE: A 48 hour cancellation policy is required.

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