“I had my brows microbladed by Louisa over a year ago and couldn’t be more pleased.  Her professionalism, experience and caring shows through the beautiful brows she creates. You do need to make time for a yearly touch-up. Not sure why everyone doesn’t add this to their beauty regimen.”

DenisePlaya del Rey

“I love my newly micro bladed eyebrows by Louisa! About 2 years ago I had them done and a very fancy and expensive place in Beverly Hills and they were a too light and spotty. It made me reticent to get them done again. I recently got a first facial at Christine Valmy salon and saw that they did microblading for eyebrows and I really liked the before and after photos.

I am so glad I took a chance because Louisa was so patient and talented and detail oriented and my brows look a-maze-ing!! She really listened to me and what I wanted to accomplish. The color is great, the shape is great, and it was half the price of the fancy Beverly Hills salon– and a way better result!  Louisa can do her consultation in person or even via text photos so its so easy.

I feel so pretty! :-)”

Shana K.Los Angeles

” Louisa is amazing! I was very nervous about this microblading because I have never done anything cosmetic  to my face. Louisa made me feel very comfortable, and most important, I love my brows now! Happy that I did it.”

Alex F.Los Angeles

“I’ve been going to Christine Valmy Spa for over 15 years. I absolutely love Maria (the Masseuse) and everyone at the salon is super friendly and professional. I also just did semi-permanent makeup on my eyebrows with a technique called microblading by Louisa. I love love love my eyebrows now. The microblading technique shows actual real-looking eyebrows. I can’t tell my real brows from the microblading strokes. I used to have to over pluck my super thin eyebrows and now I just wake up to ready to go eyebrows. Louisa is a perfectionist and made the the entire process easy and painless. She also offers amazing pricing! Everyone should do this!”

Jasmine L.Los Angeles

“One week ago I had my eyebrows microbladed by Louisa Graves. I was not sure what to expect as I had been trying to fix my eyebrows for 25 years already. From permanent makeup that spread and changed colors with time, to buying every brow pencil on the market. Then, I met Louisa and she fixed them in one afternoon! Thank you Louisa.”

Mary P.Marina del Rey, CA

“Mother Nature gave me sparse, awkward eyebrows that don’t match my face. Louisa gave me eyebrows that look amazing. She gave me the eyebrows that I should have been born with! I can’t believe that I get to wake up in the morning and have ready-for-the-day eyebrows! I don’t have to worry about swimming in a pool (once the initial 10 days of care is over). My eyebrow pencil used to be the first thing I would grab in my makeup kit, and now, I don’t even have to pick it up! Louisa is absolutely professional and pays close attention to hygiene. She wanted me to be happy with the shape, so she worked with me and a brow pencil to create the shape and make sure I was absolutely satisfied with the shape. She’s marvelous and kind and lovely.  Thank you Louisa!”

Barbi, N.Los Angeles

“My friend posted photos of her microbladed brows (done by Louisa) on her Facebook page. Her brows looked amazing – so natural. And she got so many views and positive comments, I immediately called Louisa and booked my appointment. Much to my delight her prices are absolutely outstanding considering her talent and skill. And best of all my brows look gorgeous. This will save me so much time in the morning. I used to spend about 20 minutes drawing on my brows. I’m going to get my lips done next.”

PamLos Angeles

“I love, love, love my new brows. Louisa is a ROCKSTAR!  My brows were uneven and thin from years of over plucking and natural hair loss. Louisa was precise and created new brows that were expertly measured to create a beautiful look which was perfect for my face.  If this is something you have been thinking about doing, let Louisa be the one to give you the brows you have always dreamed of having.”

Jennifer P.Westchester, CA.

“Thank you so much for your amazing artistic abilities as you painlessly created the look and shape of my brows that I dreamed of having…natural classic brows to frame my face and give back a more youthful look. Your gentle touch, easy to follow post instructions and your follow-up made the process such an enjoyable experience.”

Diane D.Brentwood, CA

“ Dear Louisa, Just a note to let you know how very pleased I am with your work. Having my brows microbladed by you was a great experience. Every day I wake up with perfect brows! I’m inspired to get contact lenses because my eyes are now my BEST feature. I followed your aftercare instructions to the letter. I had NO peeling. I had NO discomfort. Thank you very much for taking the time to create perfect shape and color of brows to suit me.You are an artist!  I have recommended you to my friends and I will continue to do so.”

Kathy H. Los Angeles, CA

“I was referred to Louisa by my best friend who raved about her professionalism and services. I can now agree with my friends experience. Louisa is truly a professional who makes customer service her highest priority. Given the fact that I am new to blading, she made me feel very comfortable in our initial conversation. But more importantly, Louisa provided me with pre and post instructions, making certain I understood everything to get the best results. My brows have never looked better, even before my alopecia. Her attention to detail is superb and I would recommend her services to anyone. And I will!

Yvette C.

“Thank you for the outstanding work you produced in making my previously tattooed, faded brows look refreshed and very natural. I found it difficult to draw in my own brows as I lack the time and patience to do a good job on my own.  That and not being able to see as clearly as before, drawing on eyebrows challenging.  I am so glad I found you.  I would recommend your services to anyone considering permanent make-up.

It really does not hurt.  You walk your client through each step as you go. That is reassuring if one is not sure what is happening next.  Your friendly, warm and professional manner made my visit very comfortable. Thank you again for taking excellent care of me.  I will send others your way.”

Michi A.Los Angeles

“Dear Louisa, what a difference you make in people’s lives! You changed mine with these new all-natural looking eyebrows!! It is true, you are a genuine artist. What you can do for the self-esteem and confidence is a gift. I am thankful to have found you. I have been doing permanent make-up for 30 years. And back in the beginning it was very different. Sometimes it was not a good outcome, with the inks changing colors and strokes blending together to look like a marker did it. Still, even that was somewhat better than having no eyebrows at all.

I am so grateful to have found you! My eyebrows look so natural, like they did when I was 25, and I love them!

Thank you, thank you thank you.”

Jill A. Marina del Rey, CA

“I researched eyebrow microblading for a long time. I eventually found Louisa’s website and poured over the information and testimonials.  I phoned on a Thursday, had a long conversation with Louisa and scheduled my appointment. The salon was clean and professional. I was so impressed with the length of time Louisa spent explaining the whole procedure, measuring my eyes, drawing the outline before moving forward.  She talked me through the process as I was a bit nervous. She was gentle and precise. I never felt rushed and felt completely calm knowing I was in such good hands. My eyebrows turned out beautiful  As we walked through the salon to take photos near the big picture glass window, two women getting manicures stopped me to look at my eyebrows and booked their own appointment right there and then!  Thank you Louisa for an outstanding job and for being such a lovely woman!”

Roselle T.Marina del Rey, CA

“I am so happy with my brows.  They were very short, sparse and light blonde – making eye brow makeup very difficult to apply. Now with microblading, they are so natural looking that one of my friends didn’t believe it. They look like real hair strokes. Thanks Louisa!”

Diana G.Venice, CA.

“I just LOVE my new brows. They are beautiful – absolutely gorgeous!!  Louisa you are a gifted artist and a true professional in this field. The entire experience was absolutely wonderful.  I really appreciate how much time and care you took to perfect my brows. I am completely amazed at how you were able to cover my old, dated tattooed brows. With your microblading skills and precision – my brows look like real hair!!  I also much appreciate how fastidious you were with regard to cleanliness. Terrific job!”

Barbara S.Marina del Rey, CA

“I wanted to share my amazing experience with Louisa.  Not only was she patient going over the procedure, her professionalism and how she explained everything – truly calmed me.  She was very sensitive to my needs and my fear of pain. Surprisingly, microblading was comfortable because Louisa uses high quality numbing products.  And her price is was so reasonable!!  Most importantly, Louisa is an absolutely amazing artist and WOW – my brows look so beautiful. Such a wonderful deal and experience! I am telling everyone about her.”

Bonnie B. Marina del Rey, CA.

“Louisa I first want to say that you are a Beautiful Soul, with tremendous patience and are amazing at what you do! I loved how you explained everything clearly and how you work so thoroughly, paying attention to the smallest details. I’ve had Alopecia for the past 23 years, I would get my brows done by other eyebrow permanent makeup aestheticians but the results were, as my boys call it, “Sharpie eyebrows”. So you can just imagine why, when you handed me that mirror to see these amazing results, I was teary-eyed and truly wanted to cry with joy! I never thought I would be able to have a normal eyebrow appearance, but you actually achieved it for me and for that — I’m very Thankful! I’m in love with my new eyebrows!”

Veronica L. Los Angeles, CA

“Oh my gosh – since getting my brows done with Louisa – I feel 100% wonderful!!! I am very, very, very happy. My brows look perfectly AMAZING! I am so pleased. Thank you, thank you very much for your wonderful, wonderful work, Louisa. My daughter and her friends will be calling you to get their brows done.”


Lydia G.Santa Monica, CA.

“I truly believe that our brows frame our face. I was so impressed with my friend’s gorgeous brows, recently done by Louisa. Her face looked younger and more lifted! Fortunately, I happened to be visiting from out of town and Louisa was able to squeeze me in the next day. I LOVE my brows. What a difference they make! Amazing job! Thank you!

JuneSeal Beach, CA

“I went to lunch with a friend and she could not stop staring and asking me questions about my new beautiful brows. When I told her Louisa’s price, she was MORE than happy to drive 2 hours to Marina del Rey for her appointment with Louisa. I’m a walking advertisement. Hee Hee ”

Ofelia J.Los Angeles, CA.

“I had looked into ANOTHER microblading place that charged $1200!! I asked questions about numbing cream – they had no clue about the active ingredients!?? And their “Before” and “After” photos were not very good. They  were all the same “cookie cutter” shape and color! So I passed on them. Thankfully, a few days later,  I stumbled across Louisa’s  microblading skills on a Mommy blog here in Westchester CA. Several women were raving about her work. Before, during and after the procedure with Louisa, she answered all my questions and concerns.  She knew her stuff. With her knowledge in color theory, she mixed up a great color that suited my skin tone AND designed the perfect shaped brows for MY face. No cookie cutter shapes! She made sure I was comfortable and checked in with me throughout the procedure to get my feedback so there were no surprises. I see why women are flocking to Louisa. Lastly,  she charged almost 50% less than the other place. I am thrilled!”

Sarah P.Westchester, CA.

“After doing months of research on permanent make up and micro blading (heck a “tattoo” on your face is a big deal) I realized that Louisa’s reviews and prices were absolutely THE best by far in Southern California…. I actually drove from South Orange county to Marina Del Rey to see her.  After my great experience, I referred a friend who flew in from Oregon! She was thrilled with her brows too! Louisa is an amazing microblading professional!  I felt so comfortable and confident in her abilities. Such an amazing experience. She is truly an artist and an absolute perfectionist.  During my session she said…”you have to love what you do for a living.”  I can tell she truly loves what she is doing and she wants everybody to walk away thrilled.  Her communication before the appointment and her follow up after is beyond compare. I truly felt like I was her only client!!  Thank you Louisa!!”

Teri B.Laguna Niguel, CA.

“Even though it is just 24 hours since I had Louisa create my “new brows”, I wanted to write a testimonial on the experience. Louisa Graves is a perfectionist who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and ethical.

I appreciate the fact that she looks at each of her clients as an individual and that means every face and coloring is different and each person will get a customized formula for their particular need/situation.  She spends a good amount of time to “prep” the brows for the procedure and she shows you what she is doing and partners with you to be sure that everything is scaled accordingly.
I can’t wait to show off my brows because I know my friends will notice how beautiful they are.  I would be happy to refer Louisa.

Linda L.Venice, CA

“I had no brows for the past 8 years, due to medication. And thanks to Louisa’s microblading skills, I now have real-looking eyebrows. Amazing!!!  Louisa is an artist and her price is outstanding. Thanks so much!”

Dee J.Los Angeles, CA

“Louisa is remarkable! Her technique is exemplary but it is her attention to the client that makes her a cut above. I had no previous experience to compare so I went in based on her wonderful demeanor. It is clear she individualizes her treatment based on the needs of her client. Each step is clearly explained and she is constantly checking and re-checking your comfort level. It is truly a joint venture! You work as a team all along the way. She is very open to her clients input and will be totally honest if she thinks you are going in the wrong direction. The finished product was and is amazing. It changed the entire look of my face. I am on the plus side of 60 and the eyebrows I used to draw on in the morning never made it to noon. Allow yourself this bit of pampering, it makes you feel like a million bucks.”

Nata P.Los Angeles, CA

“This review is for Louisa Graves who is a microblading and permanent makeup artist. I looked at her website fixmybrows.com when toying with the idea of getting my lips permanently lined and filled. She is incredibly thorough and helpful pre, during, and post the procedure. We exchanged emails and calls talking through steps and expectations prior to my appointment, again on the day of and went over a few color options, and she sent me home with great post care instructions and has followed up a few times.

I have a high tolerance for pain and have tattoos, but I will say this is a bit of an uncomfortable procedure – simply because the lips are a sensitive area. She however, makes sure to fully numb the area and will do it again as needed to make you comfortable – you honestly can’t feel much when numbed. The whole process took about 3 hours. She is incredibly clean and all of her equipment is pristine as well. She makes health and cleanliness a priority and makes sure you do too in the aftercare.

I’m located in Chicago and came to see Louisa after a referral and it was a great decision. My lips took about a day and half for the swelling to go down, but no one really noticed it except me. The color looks great and it’s only about 5 days after I got it done. She really made this a wonderful experience and puts a very personal touch on it as well. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for permanent makeup or microblading. It’s well worth the time and money with the personalized care and attention you receive. I give Louisa a five star rating on Yelp.”

Christina C. Chicago, IL

“At first, I was really scared to have microblading done on my eyebrows! I was worried about pain and I was REALLY worried about a permanent mark on my face! I only did it because Louisa was recommended by my best friend and I had seen her eyebrows and another friend’s eyebrows that looked very good in small photographs. Well, I look fabulous! You can see that there are actual hairstrokes,not just a filled-in eyebrow shape.

Louisa takes all the time you could possibly need to get the shape and color right. She is collaborating with you, not imposing her look onto your face. I am a painter and a real estate agent. I cannot afford to look bad and I also know what looks good! Louisa is an artist. She takes the time to analyze your color, your face and eye shape. She talks to you to find the right look that is customized to your face and your expressions. This is not one size fits all eyebrows! IT WAS PAIN FREE!!! Louisa checks constantly to be sure you are comfortable. She uses a special extra-strength numbing cream, the strongest FDA-approved non-prescription numbing cream available. You may have heard that micro-blade is painful – not with Louisa! She uses the best available products and you will be comfortable the entire time. She is also very fun to chat with while you are getting your new brows 🙂

I have had severe allergic reactions to hair dye that was used on my brows. I have very sensitive skin and I always need to be very careful of reactions. I had no reaction to the hypoallergenic pigments she uses, nothing. I also have had no discomfort in the days after. Here is the best part – I have been wearing bangs for years because my eyebrows were so unattractive. I would pencil them in, smudge with a Q-tip, towel them off, brush with a toothbrush and finally brush my bangs over them to obscure them! Now, I’m going to be able to grow my bangs out and be able to stop thinking about my eyebrows! This is going to save a lot of time and thinking in the morning or when traveling. I am really happy about that! Louisa’s prices are fantastic. I know my friends are going to go to her because they love my brows and because she is so reasonable. This procedure costs up to $1,000 in some parts of LA. Louisa is practically giving it away! Louisa puts so much time and artistry into your brows —- You will love yours!”

Dana G, Manhattan Beach, CA

“Louisa, thank you so much for the wonderful job you did on my brows and lips. You are a Godsend. I had previously gotten my brows and lips tattooed at another place, but the gal didn’t do a very good job. My brows were uneven, looked harsh, and many of the lines were too thick and sticking out in many places. And my lips were completely faded and looked uneven. But thankfully you changed all that, Louisa! You were able to thin the thicker hair strokes, soften the look of my brows, fix the shape and camouflaged those uneven strokes. Excellent job. About my Lips: I also love how you corrected the shape and evened out my lips, made them a bit fuller. I love the color of my lips too – very natural and subtle – which is exactly what I hoped for. On top of all that – You are very nice. I like you. I am a cosmetologist and will be referring my clients to you.”

Lupe R, California

“Thank you Louisa for your expertise. So glad I did my brows and lips with you. My brows look awesome and the color looks perfect for my skin tone. I really like that you designed a flattering shape and nice arch to suit my face. They look so good, my friends asked me what I did because my brows look so pretty and natural. As far as my lips go – the pale pink color is so gorgeous. My lips look healthy and natural. The other good thing about permanent makeup – is it’s definitely a time-saver. I no longer have to get up early to put powder makeup on my brows or lipstick on. And when I work out at the gym and sweat, my brows stay put and I look good all the time. Thank you so much for the excellent aftercare instructions too.”

Lorena H., California

“Hello Louisa. I have to tell you that I LOVE my brows. I was hesitating to get them tattooed, but after my experience with you – I am so glad I did. Before, my brows were looking too thin and dated. I really appreciated how you listened and took the time to shape my brows the way I wanted. Now my brows look just a bit thicker – more natural and just as I asked. I will definitely tell my friends about you and your top notch skills and customized treatment as a permanent makeup artist!”


“Louisa is the consummate professional. She calmly talks you through the procedure and makes the entire experience stress free. I love my new eyebrows!”

Sylvia BCalifornia