Microblading for Eye Brows

louisa-hi-res-orangeMicroblading Your Eyebrows Rejuvenates & Updates Your Look

Want better brows? Microblading your eyebrows rejuvenates and updates your look. It is without a doubt, the most popular permanent makeup procedure for authentic-looking, fuller eyebrows. Microblading is like getting a mini-facelift. It redefines the shape of your brows, whether they are sparse, thinning or missing due to Alopecia or medication use.  Microblading can also camouflage oxidized, old style tattooed brows.

I collaborate with each client to create the perfect shape and customized color the brows to suit each individual skin tone, hair color and facial features. This why women travel to me from all over the country! They include busy professionals, movie stars, aestheticians, plastic surgeons, anti-aging experts, models, celebrities, moms and even some men. Imagine waking up to fuller, shapely, classic-looking brows with microblading!

Throw away your brow pencils ladies! Microblading can save you 20 or more minutes every morning!


I also do permanent makeup for lips. If you need a little more fullness in the lips or desire a more vibrant color or shape, my technique can help you achieve fuller, gorgeous lips.

My services are available in the Los Angeles / Marina del Rey and The Valley. Just text a photo of your brows to my number below for a free consultation.

Safe, Sterilized tools and Disposable Needles

For your safety, I use only sterilized equipment, disposable microblades and needles, and the highest quality USA-made pigments that are both hypo-allergenic and shutter_lipFDA-Approved.

Call 310-990-2704 if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment.